Should The Duke have Been An All-Star?

freddy filet.jpgI wasn’t too shocked to see Freddy Sanchez as the Pirates All-Star Rep, but I thought maybe it should have been Zach Duke. So what better way to do that than compare his stats to those of the pitchers who did make the All-Star game. There are 13 pitchers in the game 8 of them are starters. There are 4 stats I think are very important when judging a pitcher W-L, ERA, IP, and WHIP. I found out all these stats for the eight starters Santan, Lincecum, Lilly, Billingsley, Cain, Haren, Johnson, and Marquis then compared them to Duke and here is what I think

1.Win- Losses

The Win Loss record of a pitcher is very important to see what kind of pitcher they are talent wise and For the All Stars a big determining factor. The top Winner of the eight starters is Jason Marquis with a 10-5 record the lowest number of wins is Josh Johnson with only a 7-1 record. Duke has a record of 8-7, which is most comparable to Ted Lilly who is 8-6 & Dan Haren who is 8-5, and the other four all stars have 9 wins.

2.Earned Run Average (ERA)

ERA is a stat that tells the average number of runs a pitcher would surrender over the course of a full game to actually figure out this stat you multiply 9 by earned runs allowed divided by innings pitched. Well anyways it is a stat that is looked at closely by most people, and of the 8 starters the best ERA is 2.16 and belongs to Dan Haren. The worst ERA of an All Star pitcher is Jason Marquis with a 3.87 ERA. Zach Duke has an ERA of 3.28 that is better than Santana 3.29, Lilly 3.32, and Marqis 3.87. And the other 4 ERA’s are Lincecum 2.23, Cain 2.48, Johnson 2.76, and Billingsley 3.12

3.Innings Pitched (IP)

Most might think this is not an important stat when looking at the All Star selections but I think it is. I believe that it shows the stamina and how hard a pitcher works. The tops for this stat of the 8 are 121 innings pitched which is held by 2 Lincecum and Haren. The worst is 108.2 innings pitched by Cain. Zach Duke has pitched 118 innings none of the other 6 All Stars have more than Duke.

4.Walks + Hits / Innings Pitched (WHIP)

This is probably the most important stat when looking at a pitcher. It is a measure of a pitcher’s ability to prevent batters from reaching base. The top WHIP of the All star pitchers is Dan Haren’s .83 WHIP. The worst WHIP 1.31 belongs to Marquis. Zach Duke has a WHIP of 1.22 better than four of the all stars Santana and Cain both with a 1.23, Billingley with a 1.26, and the forementoined Marquis 1.31. While the other 3 lay not far below Lincecum 1.05, Johnson 1.13, and Lilly 1.14.

Should he have been in the All Star game wow is that hard to say well lets see I think his stats compare closely to the all star selections Which means yeah I think he should have and I believe would have had he won these game that he should have

May 01 vs. Cin He took the Loss While Pitching 7.0 Innings Giving up 6 Hits,1 ER,
0 HR, 2 Walks, and 5 Strikeouts

May 22 @CWS He took the Loss While Pitching 8.0 Innings Giving up 6 Hits,2 ER,
1 HR, 2 Walks, and 7 Strikeouts

May 27 @CHC He had a no decision While Pitching 7.0 Innings Giving up 8 Hits,2 ER,
0 HR, 2 Walks, and 3 Strikeouts
20050802wap_bucs_zachdukePJ_450.jpgThere are a couple more but those aren’t as bad when you go 7 and 8 innings and only give up 1 and 2 runs and lose that’s a problem just imagine those 3 wins he’d be 11-5 while all his other stats might still be the same he’d have the top Win- Loss record and most defiantly would be in the All Star. Even with these stats he has I think there is one Guy he Definitely Should Have Beat that’s Ted Lilly. They compare very closely and are both south paws so should Duke be in yes but he has one group to thank for non invite to the All Star game and that is the Pirates offense for taking the night off when Duke Starts

Believing In Managment

Thumbnail image for nuttingonu.jpg First Off I’d Like to say Congrats to The Pens Isn’t it great to Live in the city of Champions. It makes you wonder why the Steelers and Penguins are so good and the Pirates aren’t, well its Managment. Who Do you Think of when I Say “Pirates Management” Well It starts with Owner Bob Nutting (Pictured To The Right) Just a hard working President and CEO of Ogden Newspapers Inc. and Seven Springs Mountain Resort, and Principal owner of our Pirates since 2007. Then you may think of two of his henchmen one of who is Frank Coonelly Just the president of the Pittsburgh Pirates hired by the formentioned Bob Nutting and previously served as a Senior Vice President in the Commissioner’s Office. Then finally the man you might hear of the most The luckiest man in the the world the GM of these Pittsburgh Pirates Neal Huntington(Pictured at Bottom). Well now that we got the Introduction out of the way lets to to the point of this article, and that is the amazing job that this managment is doing. First off, I love the selling high factor and not waiting until a player is worth little and getting little for them but instead trading a player when he is hot so you get true value or even more for him here are the 3 example you might be farmiliar with

  • Xavier Nady and Demaso Marte Trade

Nadys average was at .330 he had hit 13 hr and had a slg% of .535 the hottest he had ever been in his carrer he was not going to keep it up and win mvp so Neal Dealt him and Demaso who was 4-0 in 47 games with a 3.47 era and 47 K’s and what did he get in return 4 minor leaguers Jose Tabata, Jeff Karstens, Ross Ohlendorf, and Dan McCutchen. A future star OF 2 Of our Major league Pitchers and a possible Future Mlb pitcher In McCutchen Looks like 1 win for the Pirates

  • Jason Bay Trade

Jason was also on a hot streak when he was traded. Although he was a superstar type player this team wasn’t and at this point in time I Still believe isn’t a world series team so if you can take one star player an get Brandon Moss, Andy LaRoche, Craig Hansen, and minor leaguer Bryan Morris 4 possible stars you go on and do it Looks like another win for the Pirates

  • Nate McLouth Trade

Although alot of pirates fans believe Nate was the greatest player in the MLB I’m sorry to say he wasn’t He was a good, hardworking, and likeable guy. But again it was clear we are NOT a world series team and if you can take a slightly above average player and get a starting pitcher, a young pitcher with high upside, and a developing star of just another smart trade by Neal

Neal HuntingtonThats Just One reason why I think Neal Huntington is taking us to the promise land look back soon to see more reason why I Believe in Managment

A Word From Mr. Wumbo On The McLouth Trade

And Now A Word From Mr. Wumbo
Hello, I would like to tell you a story. On Wednesday I was putting on my jacket and about to leave my house to go to the fair that my borough has every year at the park across the street. as I was on my front porch when my brother opened the door and said… “They traded Nate McLouth“. To which I responded “What, No Freaking Way. I walked back into the house, went upstairs where my brother was on and he showed to me a story that said Pirates Trade Center Fielder Nate McLouth To Braves For Three Prospects. I’m not going to lie to you, I was close to tears once I realized what I just read, because Nate McLouth is my favorite player. The next few days I was starting to get over it until my brother read me something on the internet that said that Nate Mclouth was close to tears when he talked about the trade. Hearing that made me feel terrible. But I am here to day to tell you i am officially OVER the Nate McLouth trade.

That Was A Word From Mr. Wumbo on the Nate McLouth Trade

April Prediction 1 game off

As you can see in former blog entry of mine I predicted the entire season month by month and got a final total of 85-77 well anyways I Predicted a 12-10 record in the month of April, and since they played one less game i see my prediction as perfect so far. Now to my prediction in May I predicted a 17-12 record in May and I Stand by it. They play 14 games at home this month against the Reds,Brewers,Cardinals,Rockies, and Astros I can see them winning 9 games at home. On the Road they play the Cardinals, Mets, Nats, White Sox, and Cubs thats 15 games and they win 8 of them they will have Nate McClouth Back from his injury and Jack Wilson should be back soon and they won’t be playing in Miller Park so they can win 17 games this month The pitching will keep doing its work so hopefully we can get some offense. That would lead us to a 28-22 record after 2 months wouldn’t that be great. Let’s Go Buccos

Adam LaRoche For All-Star first base

Picture From

Karstens Cartoonish Appearance

Lets go Buccos currently Winning 4-0 over the Marlins and Olendorf is killin and we got on ESPN I was so excited I cried a little

but I’d like to turn my attention to Jeff Karstens
Who bears a clear resemblance to Ed from the Cartoon ed,edd,and eddy

Notice the first one twins mabey
oh and by the way Craig Monroe was safe on that call at first
and go pens
thanks to Dylan for pointing the karstens thing out “HILARIOUS”
Go Laroche Brothers
and get better doumit

More Stuff from Home Opener

The First RBi of the game that we Dominated In

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Nate Getting His Gold Glove
Matt Capps
Adam “Big Bat” LaRoche
Nyjer Morgan at Bat
Freddy Sanchez
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Ball Singed by Nate & John Grabow
Capps & Mclouth singed my hat
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